Saturday, November 19, 2016

No 21 - I think therefore I play


Leaving Milan


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Freekick 1

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WC penalty 1

WC penalty 2

Monday, December 9, 2013

Review - Capello - Portrait of a Winner

·         The promise to Florin Raducioiu that he will start which backfired after in-form Savicevic’s ban was cleared. Capello: “I thought about it long and hard, but ultimately I felt I couldn’t play Savicevic, not after telling Raducioiu he would start. As a manager, I would have played Savicevic. But as a man, I had to playRaducioiu And I am a man first” Perhaps after all he is a human being, writes Marcotti

·         Capello doesn’t hold any grudges, always looks forward. Many many examples of this (Savicevic  left out of Club World Cup, quarreled, back in next league game) (30 mins after involved in a row with Ruud Gullit where they had to pulled apart, it was over and forgotten very quickly)

·         Let loose at HT against Zaragoza but gave each a kiss to each player once it was over in an away game 96/97 season

·         “I don’t think a manager should have just one system of play” – Marcel Desailly’s arrival signaled a shift from collective total football game seen under Sacchi & Capello first 2 seasons. Now there was a clearer definition of roles and greater specialization. A variation of Sacchi’s approach.

·         Improving players technique “You got to make it clear to him that you are trying to improve him, not merely exposing his weakness” He asked Clarence Seedorf after working with him for many months if he can shoot on goal. Seedorf said yes, very well. Fabio told him he could only do it in 1 way and worked with him to shoot in different ways – outside of foot, toe-poke, instep etc

·         Antonio Cassano – Occasionally, Capello will not react to Cassano’s provocation. Fabio wanted his teammates to step in and sort Cassano out. Fabio wanted the team to set the internal discipline.

·         He treats players differently at different times depending on what is good for the team

·         It is a lot easier to address weakness when things are going well than when you are in trouble (far easier to get Sensi to get his chequebook out now that he was riding the wave of enthusiasm)

·         Capello came out in public demanded that Trezeguet stay on after he was left out – Capello said “I put my own reputation into backing him. Because in sport, confidence is extraordinary important. I call it “unconscious adrenaline”. I know from my own experience as a player how important it is to feel trusted. No matter how talented a player, he always need to feel that the manager is counting on him

·         UCL Round of 16 – First leg Bremen 3-2. 2nd leg score was 1-1 till 2 mins from time. Tim Wiese spilled a pedestrian ball into the box. Emerson – alerted by Cannarvaro’s cries of “Puma! Puma!” realized the ball was loose and tappied it in.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

C'mon Raddy

Dear Raddy,

I am telling you a problem and offering you a solution to it..

Please stop using the headless chicken brainless warrior Fazrul Nawaz. I admit he was an impressive as a youngster at Geylang United at for the Lions when he burst into the local scene. But sadly, he is no longer the winger he used to be and is no longer that versatile.

He is so used to feeding off his club teammate Mislav Karolgan upfront he can no longer survive on the wing.

How many times did you need to shout at him? I heard every shout and counted about 25-35 times during his 45mins "run out" yesterday.

Was your instruction to him to foul people and do rugby tackles? I know he is trained in boxing but we are playing football.

Hafiz Rahim would be the perfect sub to use to our right wing. He is pacy, hardworking and more tricky. Will probably give you more defensive cover as well. One thing for sure, he is more hungry than Fazrul.

You need to listen to me, now.

Your paymaster via my tax contributions

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Alessandro Nesta - Best Defender ever

A pity he should have played in the WC Final.

Nesta + Cannavaro
Nesta + Maldini

Any pairing would be a joy to watch. The Art of Defending.

The man who makes the No 13 jersey famous. Grazie.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gracias Pep

The man has come this far.

11 years ago, nobody knew much/or ever heard of the name Pep. When you said the name almost everyone would give me a stone face, with the exception of perhaps my fellow longtime Barca fan WX.

Now, because of the team he has built, the football philosophy he has passed on and instilled in his charges, the man that is Josep Guardiola is a household name to all footy fans.
The former captain of the Catalan giants has indeed put Barcelona's football on the world map.

Even the Barca fan in me had my reservations when Pep was installed as manager in 2008 due to his only experience as B team manager.

But now with 4 years gone and 13 titles already, it would perhaps be fitting if Pep signs off with a last Copa Del Rey trophy.

As a player, his major achievement was being part of the 1992 European Cup winning team. A deep lying midfielder whose tacking is not the best, Pep's game revolved around his vision and his eye for the killer pass. Keeping things simple. However serious injuries curtailed his contribution for the Catalans though I believe he played enough during Van Gaal's time to lift the La Liga. His successor in the Barca team was a certain Xavi Hernandez, a player in the similar mould who was to ultimately surpass his master.

As a manager, his contribution to me are numerous:
- Rebuilding the post-Frank Rijkaard team by installing confidence
- Bringing back Gerard Pique
- Important signings in Seydou Keita & Dani Alves
- Discovering and promoting many B team players
- Ultimately creating a team centred around Messi and moving his from a wide attacker to the main forward
- A remodelling of the usual 4-3-3 to a 3-4-3 to utilise the talents of his team

The misses would include:
-Getting rid of Yaya Toure for 24mil pounds
- Not managing to integrate Alex Hleb
- Dud signing of Dimitry Chrgrynsky for 27mil  

Still in all, it has been a brilliant 4 years to put Barca on firmly on the world football map. 
Gracias Pep!
Visca Barca, Visca Catalunya!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Streetfighters #3 & #4

Nobody else in the football world at this point of time are as notorious as them. Kick, bully, argue, everything under the sun.

Catching Real in the past week in the UCL semis reminded me of it and made me coined a new nickname for them, yeah at 3ish am.

Introducing the REAL Streetfighters!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

El Fenomeno's all around the world review (Apr 2012)

Simply enjoying the twists and turns and the bookmaking influences. Wigan’s win wasn’t totally unexpected. The top team with such a long win streak was bound to cockup some game on the way, the fact they didn’t turn up for much of the game was surprising, or maybe not.

Stay tuned while the Mancheter teams fight it out. Kun-Carlitos partnership should be a joy to watch.

**At press conference before Norwich's game, Quizzed about Super-Mario, Roberto Mancini's Nokia phone has a familiar message beep, he checks it and tells reporters that its Mario and that he wants to play tomorrow. the media breaks into laughter! good one Roberto hahahahaha

Can Antonio Conte follow the steps of Pep in becoming yet another former captain to win a league title in his debut season & repay my faith with his reign and clinch the Serie?

If I got it correct, Jose has always managed to clinch the domestic title in his 2nd season with all his teams, be it Porto, Chelsea, Inter. So Real should clinch it and break Super-Barca’s strangleold.

RM vs Bayern – This is the sort of fixture I relish, a real Champions league clash. I must say there hasn’t been many this season. The kind of players that will be on display and the rich history of these 2 team in the past. Giovanni Elber, Effenberg, Scholl, Jeremies, Khan, Lizarazu, Sagnol (Roque santa cruz) vs the Raul-Morientes led Real in the 1999 & 2001 clashes. So this is huge and something to look forward. To.

DPMM Brunei– Unbelievable, with 2 years out of competitive football.

Harimau Muda – Interesting team after I finally watch them in action. Wan Zack Hiakel is one to watch.

Home United
Shi Jiayi at centreback? Coach Lee is really creative. Qiu-naldo remains lazy but magical. Good to see Indra coming back. Shotaro Ihata is quality. Home vs Chonburi coming up soon in AFC Cup is be great to watch. Always good to see local teams pit their wits against regional teams.

Great disappointment. Same old criticism on Fazrul but doubts creeping in on some of the higher profile players as well. Mislav Karolgan is a delight usually.

Still coming to terms with the changes in foreigners who are still adapting. Should get better, lets hope ALK will be able to star in the league soon

Darren Stewart returning to his own den and leading the team well. Leadership of Paul Cunningham is still key.

Michael King is a real deal. A Englishman who doesn’t play like one looking his at technique and cultured left foot. Good to see more younger players coming through.
Good to be watching the play of Okuyama, Shimono and the No 10.

Webb is still entertaining and firing. Ante Barac looks an excellent signing and Coach Nenad has built on the strong team spirit from Aide Iskandar’s days. The pitch at Hougang is probably the best turf on catch good football.

Young Lions
Sirina Camara at centreback is weird. Or is it a one-off?Yes I did feel he plays like Eric Abidal last season but need not put him at centreback to confirm my thoughts right haha?

Comments of Tanjong Pagar, Gombak, Young Lions, Woodlands on hold till I watch more of them.

Nicolas Anelka’s player-coach appointment is crazy.