Wednesday, August 25, 2010

YOG - Local Football Fever

(delighted Hanafi, while Kadir was teary and proud of the boys in his interview)

The young cubs have now secured a bronze for Singapore. A good win which confirmed that many of them, especially defender Dhulkilan Jeevamani will indeed be stars in the making. Without discrediting the rest of the backline, I think this youngster is the best defender among all, even better than Lightfoot.

Pity the boys could not test themselves against Bolivia and gain some experience playing South Americans opponents. I would have them lose the final and gained that bit for their footballing career. But finishing on a high by winning a game is also not too bad lah.

Perhaps its the 'curse' that has struck Singapore football teams in recent years - that is losing to teams when we are the 'favourites', and playing at home with the 'OCCASIONALLY STRONG' support.

Lets hope that going forward, the local crowd will provide good support to our Lions and Cubs alike in all their games.

Untuk Bangsa Dan Negara, Majulah!