Saturday, November 12, 2011

Comment: If we are to stand a chance against China..

Yes some players have been dropped before the first qualifier began.

But as 4 matches gone by, we have seen some players really being out of depth on the Asian level. They may be stars in the local S.League, but would it be wise in persisting with them?

We all note the incredible absence of Qiu Li & Khairul Amri. But have we forgotten about Noh Alam Shah?? NAS may have underperformed in the Suzuki Cup (when he was partnered with Duric). But during the WC qualifiers where we need a battering target-man against the bigger teams, NAS I believe would have been useful. His international goals against big teams includ include strikes against West Asia's Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Jordan (as far as I remember). This is a man who can compete against the giant Asian defenders. Duric, to be trueful, have struggled to
find form somewhat when pitted against them. Duric's strike-rate on a bigger stage would probably be just against Tajikistan?

How I wish NAS can be at JBS to bully the over-the hill Li Weifeng out of his game on Tuesday.. Lets hope Duric can raise his game in probably what will be his last home international game & kick the China skipper's ass off before his sunset with the Lions.

With Khairul Nizam still a distance away to inherit the No 9 shirt, I do think among all eligible Singaporean men, NAS is still our option to go. His finishing may not be 20/20, but his other attributes make him a good leader up the field.

Anyway, if I am in the Lions' hotseat on Tuesday, I will pump forward with this line-up. The onus is for the 2 front men to deliver, while the 2 wide men try their best to support..

Lionel Lewis

Ismail Yunos (RB)
Jumaat Jantan (LB)
Sevki Sha'bban (LCB)
Daniel Bennett (RCB)

Hafiz Rahim (RM)
Isa Halim
Mustafic Fahrudin
Firdaus Idros (LM)

Shahril Ishak

Aleksander Duric

Supersub: Shi Jiayi

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