Friday, February 18, 2011

Sundram's Sizzler: How to do a Bicycle kick

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: Following Sundram's instructions, Fairoz Hasan executes the perfect bicycle kick. TNP PICTURE: CHOO CHWEE HUA

WEEKEND warriors with a sudden urge for that overhead-kick wonder goal, don't try this at home, or on the unforgiving concrete surroundings of the street soccer court.

Or without the supervision of an expert exponent of the acrobatic art of the bicycle kick like V Sundramoorthy.

The Dazzler, who has been immortalised in the collective memories of Singaporean football fans thanks to his spectacular bicycle-kick goal against Brunei in 1993, took The New Paper through the paces of executing the perfect overhead kick.

In the interest of not injuring the now 45-year-old national footballing icon, Young Lion Fairoz Hasan was the man tasked to perform the demonstration at Jalan Besar Stadium on Monday, under the tutelage and watchful eye of Sundram himself.

As the Dazzler was keen to point out, the bicycle kick is usually executed when the simpler task of heading the ball is ruled out due to the height or trajectory of the ball.

He freely admitted that his glorious goal at the National Stadium in the 8-0 Division Two Semi-Pro League win against Brunei was a result of him 'overunning the ball'.

Explaining how to execute an overhead kick Sundram said: 'First, you have to adjust your body position so your back is facing goal.

'From there you have to judge the flight of the ball.

'For me, I usually lift my left leg up first before jumping and leaning backwards so that my back is flush with the ground while my right leg is straightened ready to connect with the ball.'


The 45-year-old explained that the reason behind the dual leg movement is that it helps with balance and generating power in the shot.

'You need to try get a clean connection with the instep because when you are in this position, you can't really direct the ball, you just need to hit it hard towards goal before the goalkeeper can react.'

The final step is the least glamorous, hitting the ground flat on your back, unaware if you've 'done a Sundram' or skied the ball towards the nearby lamp post.

In the Dazzler's case, it was an action that etched him into the consciousness of a nation, but in your case, please ensure it doesn't end up with you losing consciousness.

The tonic for weekend warriors. Something to try on a Sunday!
Brilliant 2 articles by TNP focusing on a EPL moment with a local touch. Great idea to start with!

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