Thursday, December 10, 2009

Live or Delayed? - El Fenómeno's take

I understand most of the soccer die-hards are upset over the decision to delay the telecast of the Laos-Sgp game.

But on Mediacorp’s part, probably it’s the correct thing to do since the Swimming finals this evening had medals on the line whereas the Cubs/Young lions basically could achieve qualification with a draw. There is also a chance the match may turn out to be drab game, especially towards the end when the 2 teams may hold on for a draw.

Would that be good for local audiences? Especially those who are already critical of the Cubs’ standard of play? So perhaps it is not a bad thing for the delayed telecast tonight.

But be sure, any delay for the matches in the semi-finals on will not be tolerated. Haha.

The only way these clashes can be avoided is to have a dedicated channel for the SEA Games. Something similar to a SportsCity will be welcomed with open arms. Not sure if its that hard a thing to do since Starhub Cable TV can do it from time to time. Plus I think Mediacorp do have a lot of artistes who are available to do the hosting watever right? Or how about showing it on Okto (i.e. the free-to-air cartoon/documentary channel)?

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