Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 S-League - The 12th team saga

The debacle about the decision to exclude Yishun Super Reds has left many among the local football community seething.

From what I have gathered over the past week, it seems there is indeed a strong, passionate local base in the Yishun area where the attractive Sembawang Rangers used to be based. They probably have been sick of the sights of Young Lions & the Korean Super Reds being the home team @ Yishun Stadium over the years.

Indeed the northern part of the island seem to have the most vociferous fans, if you take into account the excellent crowd of the Woodlands Rams even though their football have not been the best to watch since 2006 when the star studded team strut their stuff there.

Coming back to the Yishun team story, it seemed that the FAS people had many doubts about their credentials despite the plans that the chairman had. Perhaps it should be made known to the public to try soften the anger that many fans and players have felt.

Actually when I saw the names of players that were initially training for Yishun, I did think it was a decent team with the 3 foreign players then. However it definitely will be a super uphill task to take them to a decent position as results do not come on paper.

Furthermore, it is a risk to incorporate these newly formed teams into the league. Paya Lebar Punggol was a real disaster a few years ago and probably that made the selection committee cautious. Then again, with the Korean influence on the team, maybe it will do ok. But is maybe good enough?

So question is then if the Yishun Reds got into the league and are languishing lowly in the table, will the crowd still be there? I suspect this is another grey area for FAS.

Footballing wise, my personal feel is that Beijing (correction, its not Dalian as previously mentioned) will put up a decent showing with their youth team or whatever. Their reputation is VERY VERY different from the rest of the Chinese teams that have played in the league so far.

Sinchi, Liaoning are newly formed clubs ZERO experience. I meant this both on and off the field.

Beijing however is a different proposition as I know they are one of the biggest team (Dalian too)in China. Its somewhat an Albirex model being replicated.

The question of whether this foreign club attraction that started with Albirex has stagnanted for some time.

But Beijing will probably have difficulty attracting the local crowd to watch them, as many have stated. Much will depend on the brand of football that they can serve up to the hungry Yishun crowd who are already sharpening their knifes for FAS’ throats.


  1. Beijing, bro, not Dalian. I don't mind Beijing, at least they have a fan base here. They're the club that is leading the corruption fight in Chinese football, so they should be okay i guess...hope(please god).

    I mind the French Chicken Club. I don't think they'll be here long term. Wait till the french players experience our 32 degree heat and 100% humidity. Not forgetting our fabulous queenstown Stadium.

  2. sharks. thanks Authoritah for pointing out my error. but think my point is there that both Beijing & Dalian are the bigger Chinese teams, not from some unreputable backgrounds.

    For the chicken club, we really have to wait and see if can inject their so-called "flair" into the league. probably their financial structure and stuff appealed to FAS more. Give them some time to adapt, we should know by June if FAS has screwed up.