Thursday, January 21, 2010

We will not get "TOK" by FIFA

Singaporeans should not be held to ransom by FIFA’s outrageous demands for the World Cup telecast rights.

Read somewhere that the $100m price for Singapore was set based on the GDP per capita whereas the other countries are slightly different?

My thinking is if the end consume has to pay obscene prices for catch the tournament, then I rather both telcos don’t bid for it as they will ultimately pass on the costs to us consumers.

Probably the telcos already know the range which locals is likely to fork out and would like avoid the potential losses.

Anyway, I think I will be probably satisfied with the 4 FOC matches on Mediacorp. Working life probably will not allow me the freedom to catch games anyway.

So, for the rest of Singapore, besides catching the games online/via antenna for Indonesian connections, I would suggest going on wkends getaway trips to JB or Batam to catch the games.

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