Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feb happenings - Disappointments/Shocks/Hopes

Due to time constraints and unfortunate events, there have been few entries in the past weeks.

Anyway, while browsing through to catch up on the news revealed a shocker. Young player of the year Ojimi Obatola's employment pass not renewed? What the heck man? any kind soul there with an explanation on this?

Anyway, once again it seems like Geylang is going to have another disappointing season ahead. I suppose w/o Masrezwan upfront, the Eagles will find goals hard to come up. Jury is still pending about Tomko and Ghindaru. Much will depend on Miro again. There are tactical issues which I dun agree with.

Suppose there will always be a short supply of goals in their matches once again this season as defence is once again the main focus. One nil scorelines will be common. AFC Cup wise, I am not that optimistic about their chances especially when you struggle in the final third of the field.

On the other hand, my 'hometown' club Sengkang looks like they are doing well. Credit to Aide especially many of us thought they would struggle again this campaign.

Another darkhorse will be Rams from the north. A decently solid and balanced team in my view.

Will try to catch up on the league soon.

Meanwhile, lets get behind the Lions for Wednesday's clash with Jordan (Live, Ch 5, 11pm). Thier form hadnt been good. But they usually perform when odds are stacked again them, so C'mon Lions! I wanna hear your ROar!


  1. Hmm ... do you have any sources for this? Does this mean OJ is going to be out of the S.League effective March? If so, I think Gombak will suffer more than Geylang upfront.

  2. Dunno about you but Mike Wong's tactic seems to be riding on luck for a while now.
    Without Yazid Yasid, the team might not even make it to the AFC Cup now.

    OJ's departure surely say how much the FA view his importance.
    His impish nature had caught up to him at last.

    Still too early to say Sengkang Punggol wun striggle as the season goes by but at least they play attractive football.
    And true Woodlands look much better this season compared to last. Sound defense, decent in attack

  3. icedwater: Got the info from the league cup match report bwtn Home & Gombak. The thing is Gomabk at least play more attacking football.

    fish: agree. it came to a point last season I oculd predict how their games could pan out w/o watching them. but it was still effective, for the later part.