Thursday, March 4, 2010

Repetition Cycles - Self examination

I read that some fans are afraid of the things that Singaporean comment after each Lions defeat.

But thing is I feel, even when we win. These issues are also present and has long needed addressing. Each defeat just further highlight the problems already inherent in Raddy's team.

Our defence simply need an overhaul. Some other guys should really be given a chance to prove themselves. Like Shariff, Shahril Alias in the middle and Jumaat, Isa at fullbacks. But they will need time. More names need to put in better perfomances in the league to throw their names into the fray.

Big question: Are there better defenders out there for Raddy's selection?
My answer: Raddy needs expose the above mentioned and others while stop being loyal to some others.

And i loved the way SSF's blog @

Simply loved the way he described our twin terror of disaster : )

Raddy has many times stated that the team needed an overhaul but one would know besides the addition of Shaiful and Hariss, the team has not change much over the past years.

If however impressive a player plays but still cant make it into the national team, at that time, something got to give. And perhaps them its time for Raddy's head since his team selection cant be justifiable anymore.

Sometimes it would occur to me that Raddy has taken us the furthest he can, esp with this set of players.

The clock should start ticking with the ASEAN championship coming up. I hope I dun need to address and read about those issues everytime after we cock up and nothing is done. Thing is if we can already guess wat others will talk about post-game each time we cock up, why have the issue not been settled (by the coach?) ?

To end off, kudos to to NAS and Hariss, the 2 best Lions on the pitch last night.

*did in a stage of sleepiness, hope can get my points across.

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