Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mou vs Lou - UCL final maybe?

About time i mentioned a bit on the European scene. Barca fan I may be, but i know its extremely difficult to retain the title and nobody has done it. Inter is the only reason Barca can miss out on retaining it, and Mou definitely is a strong factor.

Since the second round when i backed Inter to overcome Chelsea, they have have on the up - being in the best of form for a long time for an Inter team.

I expect the Ribery-Robben to send Bayern through to face Inter in the final & wat a final it will be, Mourinho vs Van Gaal! Come on, bring it on!

Below are just some feelings i have expressed on facebook in the past weeks:

Internazionale lies awaits, but is FC Hollywood up for the challenge next? The potential clash of 2 tactically astute managers bringing their 2nd club to the final...It would be a delightful & befitting final and story for the duo who worked together in Catalunya for 2 seasons.
7 hours ago
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Be gracious in defeat Mancunians. U were never going to win it this season at CR's home ground. Going all the way and then not winning it is the worst. We ll see either Jose's parting gift for Inter or Pep's team creating history by being the first team to retain it. Continue the chase for EPL. There's still chance.

My status 9 hrs ago was exactly spot-on as 'The Horse' wins it for Bayern. But i just realised its a nickname i gave him instead. Too bad mancunians.
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'The Horse' could be the difference in Munich tonite.
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hahaI was right. The horse is a Croatian, by the name Ivica Olic. tats bcos he runs really alot during matches.
March 31 at 8:49am

Love hate relationship with Internazionale

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at 9:50am Edit Note Delete
From the day in December when the draw for the first knockout phase was drawn, we had the feeling that Jose and his Inter team would go through and it proved. And luckily we stuck with that no matter what was said.

The happiness and joy had to be shown and this article is the way to show. Ooh La La!

Of course what has been talked about in Ibra’s departure forced Inter to play in another way definitely is true. They have definitely improved as a team. Many of the signings have been brilliant, Diego Milito a.k.a The Prince, in my opinion the perfect No 9 for Maradona. Along with Higuain and Leo, the trio will be devastating. With Kun on the bench, how does that sound? Ok back to Inter.

The real difference this season for the Nerazzuri has definitely been Wesley Sneijder. No doubt the best piece of transfer business in the summer. The missing playmaker that Inter has been looking for in years. Though not a natural one in an advanced position, he has adapted well.

Another will be the flying Dutchman at Allianz Arena, but he had cost much more. I am sure you guys are smart enough to know where they arrived from. Haha. Too bad my much admired Van der Vaart is still playing for that bloody team.

On a personal note, I have always said there’s a reason for the departure E'too from Nou Camp and the statement justifies itself. Similarly for Carlo from Milan. In both cases, I was happy to see them leave as it was time my teams moved on. No change no progression. Simple. By the way, if I am not wrong. Carlo has quite a bad record against Jose. Probably only one victory in about 5 games? and that came in last season’s derby win when Ronnie scored his first Milan goal with a header in a 1-0 win.

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