Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Woes at the Eagles' den

It seems the fallen giant's awokeness was a temporary one.

The fortutious Singapore Cup success last season, driven largely by a brilliant goalkeeper and strong team play has somewhat fallen apart this season and questions must be asked about the Eagles' performance, if there has been any. In truth, it has been abysmal.

'Negative' and 'too defensive' has been the greatest criticisms of them.

Injuries aside, I think the absence of Kim Jae Hong is beginning to show, with all due respect to Noor Ali. The Korean's imaginative play has sorely been missed as he could produce that few bits of quality to complement the doginess of the rest of the team. Without him, Miro has been asked to work overtime in the attacking department, which is taking its toll.

Mas has been missed too. Together with Kim & Yazid, these were 3 vital clogs in the mean green machine of 2009 that led to the cup success.

Fingers are starting to point at Coach Mike Wong. But in truth, it seems there are more serious than what it is on the surface. The running of the football side of things at Geylang was already put in a blurry state when 3 men were put in charge of the club before Mike 'officially' took charge last season (or was it in 2008?).

Anyway, sometimes I do feel that the team is restricting itself in terms of tactics trying to fit into a 3-5-2 or 3-6-1 formation. Yes the Eagles did have success when it was employed around 2001. But since then, only Home United and Tampines have played them formation to entertainment and success.

In my opinion, with the players currently available. A less sophisticated 4-4-2 would work well. Peter & Hafiz upfront, supported by Thaha, Itimi on the wings and Vasi cum Miro at the heart of midfield. Defence would be more tricky as its a big weakness. That could also be the reason why the Eagles have always needed to defend in numbers. Belo + Adrian at centrehalves with Shah Hirul and Jonathan at fullbacks will be the best I can think of. The keepers currenlty pick themselves.

I would think that this team will be able to play a better brand of football for its fans, whom i really feel has been suffering the past games.

It is currently an emergency situation for the Eagles. The 3 wisemen, or perhaps 4, must really wake up now and shape the team up in a way before it gets nearer the foot of the table and when the fans boycott their games.


  1. I think another part of the problem is that the fans feel free to boycott the matches. There already aren't enough who want to stick through thick and thin with the team, maybe.

  2. It has been good to see that after I vented some of my frustrations, the boys in green have started to notch better results and Hafiz Rahim has been grabbing some well-deserved headlines.