Friday, June 18, 2010

Euro 2008's Spain > WC 2010's Spain

"Sometimes the obvious simply blinds the not so obvious"

Let me put this clear. I like Spain, their style of play and I support them.

Prior to kickoff at Euro 2008, Xin-爷 and I had a chat and the idea of Spain winning the tournament was explored and after some deliberation, discussion and analysis, decided to back them a few times on route to the final.

At that time, nobody gave them a chance and the pressure was off the players.

But i just think that a lot of people have not realize that Spain has come into the tournament this time with too much hype but in a worse condition than going into Euro 2008 despite going 40+ intl games unbeaten.

Why do I say so:

a) The only recent return of El Nino, Cesc Fabregas to the team. U cant be at your peak right?

b) Andres Iniesta is an extremely vital element of the side but still bugged by injury

c) Xavi, after a tough european season where he played the last part carrying a calf injury, is also not at 100%. Just to note he is one who is seldom rested by Pep. And the fact that my Barca was pushed all the way to the wire by our deadliest rivals

d) Absence of Marcos Senna, this has been mentioned b4 in reports. Alonso is no Senna, neither is Busquets. If you remember, Senna played a more defensive role in the Euros than at club level but to perfection, setting the platform for Xavi to probe along with Iniesta and David Silva

e) The overwhelming expectation of the country. Possible?

f) Luis Aragones factor. This is Vicente Del Bosque's first big tournament. Maybe he is just Real material? nothing more?

g) Jesus Navas and Pedro are impressive, but relatively lack experience at intl level. Too much weight on them to certain youngsters to turn the game when needed?

Above are points to ponder about.

But still, i hope that the team can pull itself up, make some changes and progress further. However, I am of the feeling it wont be the ones to lift the cup in July.

But then again, the team I think will win the tournament has players not at 100% condition too. Hmm.. Contradicting?

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