Friday, June 18, 2010

WC - 15 June: Embarassments

Brazil's defender Juan had his name badly mispronounced by the whole game yesterday. unbelieveable error by the seasoned commentator. It should be Hoo-an, not Jew-an.

U don't pronounce Jew-an Sebastian Veron do you?

I say Chong Tese 鄭大世(as he is known in Japan) looks much better with his hair up there. He tried too hard imitate Wazza man..


  1. not sure abt the pronouciation but portugese and spanish might have some difference. like jose mourihno is pronouced jo-say instead of ho-say

  2. but seriously im not heard of any commentator pronounce his name as Jew-an b4. tis was the first. in Serie A, the pronounce it the correct way.