Thursday, December 13, 2012

C'mon Raddy

Dear Raddy,

I am telling you a problem and offering you a solution to it..

Please stop using the headless chicken brainless warrior Fazrul Nawaz. I admit he was an impressive as a youngster at Geylang United at for the Lions when he burst into the local scene. But sadly, he is no longer the winger he used to be and is no longer that versatile.

He is so used to feeding off his club teammate Mislav Karolgan upfront he can no longer survive on the wing.

How many times did you need to shout at him? I heard every shout and counted about 25-35 times during his 45mins "run out" yesterday.

Was your instruction to him to foul people and do rugby tackles? I know he is trained in boxing but we are playing football.

Hafiz Rahim would be the perfect sub to use to our right wing. He is pacy, hardworking and more tricky. Will probably give you more defensive cover as well. One thing for sure, he is more hungry than Fazrul.

You need to listen to me, now.

Your paymaster via my tax contributions

1 comment:

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