Monday, December 9, 2013

Review - Capello - Portrait of a Winner

·         The promise to Florin Raducioiu that he will start which backfired after in-form Savicevic’s ban was cleared. Capello: “I thought about it long and hard, but ultimately I felt I couldn’t play Savicevic, not after telling Raducioiu he would start. As a manager, I would have played Savicevic. But as a man, I had to playRaducioiu And I am a man first” Perhaps after all he is a human being, writes Marcotti

·         Capello doesn’t hold any grudges, always looks forward. Many many examples of this (Savicevic  left out of Club World Cup, quarreled, back in next league game) (30 mins after involved in a row with Ruud Gullit where they had to pulled apart, it was over and forgotten very quickly)

·         Let loose at HT against Zaragoza but gave each a kiss to each player once it was over in an away game 96/97 season

·         “I don’t think a manager should have just one system of play” – Marcel Desailly’s arrival signaled a shift from collective total football game seen under Sacchi & Capello first 2 seasons. Now there was a clearer definition of roles and greater specialization. A variation of Sacchi’s approach.

·         Improving players technique “You got to make it clear to him that you are trying to improve him, not merely exposing his weakness” He asked Clarence Seedorf after working with him for many months if he can shoot on goal. Seedorf said yes, very well. Fabio told him he could only do it in 1 way and worked with him to shoot in different ways – outside of foot, toe-poke, instep etc

·         Antonio Cassano – Occasionally, Capello will not react to Cassano’s provocation. Fabio wanted his teammates to step in and sort Cassano out. Fabio wanted the team to set the internal discipline.

·         He treats players differently at different times depending on what is good for the team

·         It is a lot easier to address weakness when things are going well than when you are in trouble (far easier to get Sensi to get his chequebook out now that he was riding the wave of enthusiasm)

·         Capello came out in public demanded that Trezeguet stay on after he was left out – Capello said “I put my own reputation into backing him. Because in sport, confidence is extraordinary important. I call it “unconscious adrenaline”. I know from my own experience as a player how important it is to feel trusted. No matter how talented a player, he always need to feel that the manager is counting on him

·         UCL Round of 16 – First leg Bremen 3-2. 2nd leg score was 1-1 till 2 mins from time. Tim Wiese spilled a pedestrian ball into the box. Emerson – alerted by Cannarvaro’s cries of “Puma! Puma!” realized the ball was loose and tappied it in.

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