Monday, October 26, 2009


As I expected, Liverpool bounced back in normal fashion by proving sceptics wrong.

In truth, the stage was all set up for them to turn the corner around. A midweek home defeat to Lyon, coupled with Man Utd's win in Moscow, had further pushed punters on the Devils' side.

The media obviously went to town on Pool's terrible situation. Statistics of how far back they have not lost 5 games in a row, Rafa's possible successor & potential compensation package, problems between Hicks & Gillet, the protest march by fans.

But the most intriguing one would have to be the beach balls story and how MU fans will flood Anfield with it. They did and they paid a price for mocking their rivals in this manner.

What goes around come around. Perhaps Pool got lucky with Carra's incident, but think about the Manchester derby not too long ago.

In truth, the home team was the better side on the field. Once again, Devils lost a game which their Scottish hatchetman Darren Fletcher missed. He had missed the UCL final too.

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