Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why Dream Team Steam?

If anyone remembers, its the title of the song the Malaysian Cup team of 1993 did ard the knock out stages of the competition. It was just a random thought for a title appealing enough.

It was around the time where Kallang roared to Sundram's dazzle down the by-line as he cut the ball back for Fandi's winner against Pahang in a memorable 3-2 victory. Goalscorers among the day included a 1st min strike from Mickey Patterson, Jose Iriarte and Razali Saad. Cant remember who scored our first goal though. Ok, tats pretty random. Just a sudden thought.

And of course we lost tat final to Kedah via goals from Lee Kin Hong and Rahim Mat Din. Alistair had a penalty saved by Ahmad Sobri towards the end. It probably was also a time where i learned about Nigerians with white handkerchiefs (Nieketien & Adigun) and the current Arema Malang's coach Robert Alberts.

Yup so this is the beginning of this blog.

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