Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2007 Walkover - Woodlands v Tampines aftermath

Recap of the great decision by Sg Pools in the wake of the 2010 WC topscorer fracas.

> Subject: Re: Web feedback - 2-0 BY DEFAULT> To: **@hotmail.com> From: customercare@sgpoolz.com.sg> Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 15:44:51 +0800> >

Dear Sir> > We wish to inform that the award of the 2-0 result to Tampines is fully in
> accordance with the Rules for Football Betting (SCORE & STRIKE!) posted in
> our website on http://www.singaporepools.com.sg/Common?page=rules
> > Under clause 2.1, it states that :> "Full Time Result" means the result of a Match as at the end of Regulation> Time.
For the avoidance of doubt, the Full Time Result of a Match shall not> include any goals scored in extra time or as a result of a penalty> shoot-out; and>

> "Regulation Time" means 90 minutes or such other time as may be determined> by the referee or the relevant governing body for football or the organiser> of the Match or Event (as the case may be) to be the duration of playing> time for a Match, including stoppage time and/or such other time as may be> added by the appointed referee for the match for playing time that is lost> for various reasons, including but not limited to substitutions of players,> injuries to players and deliberate wasting of time by players. For the> avoidance of doubt, Regulation Time excludes any allocated extra time,> sudden death time or time for the execution of penalty shootouts, and where> a Match started but is called off (including but not limited to> abandonment, postponement, suspension and cancellation) for any reason> whatsoever and the referee or the relevant governing body for football or> the organiser of the Match or Event (as the case may be) announces or> declares that the score at the time the Match is called off shall stand as> the Full Time Result, then the duration of the Match that was played shall> be deemed to be Regulation Time.> >

For further clarification, please call Customer Care at 6216 8188.> > >

Yours sincerely> > Priscilla Teo> Executive Officer (Customer Care)
customercare@sg > poolz.com.sg >

To > 13/09/2007 customercare@sgpoolz.com.sg > 11:03 PM cc > > Subject > Web feedback - 2-0 BY DEFAULT > > > > > > > > > > > Name: Mr G> Email: **@hotmail.com> Daytime Contact No.: 96703744>

Subject: 2-0 BY DEFAULT>

Feedback: Singapore Pools made a big error in its decision to recognize the> 2-0 result in favour of Tampines that night. I could understand FAS and the> S League's decision in awarding the game to Tampines that night as it was> Woodlands who refused to play on. The key issue that the 2-0 scoreline> awarded to Tampines BY DEFAULT.> > This decision is similar to a team fielding an ineligible player in a match> and hence the league awards a default scoreline to the opposition team. In> this case, due to Woodlands team walking off, the league awards Tampines a> default scoreline. It was purely accidental that Tampines was leading by a> 2-0 scoreline at that time.> > Hence it should have refunded all bets for the match due to the match being> abandoned.> > In this instance, Singapore Pools has simply HIDE behind the backs of their> big brothers (i.e FAS and Sleague), while taking the easy way and> PROFITABLE way out by claiming it paid out the bets due to the league> awarding the 2-0 scoreline.

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