Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BBQ the Octopus & final hope

Lame shit.

Let me give you my theory. If I am not wrong, this assy octopus is fed with 2 types of food.

Against Australia, it tried the 'german' food. Against Serbia, it changed its choice to test the 'second type' of food.

It then decided that the 'german food' is nicer. So subsequently it ate the 'german' food against Ghana, Inggeland and Argentina.

Now it is tired of the 'German' food. So it ate the 'other type' of food this time.

Lady luck has been shining on the Dutch that with a crap defence, they may still end up champions.

Predictions have gone awry, one final hope now is for Pep's successor in the heart of the Barca midfield to achieve the whole collection of medals a professional footballer dream to attain in a career & surpass the achivements of Bixente Lizarazu, Zizou and 'Turbo' Henry.

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