Friday, July 2, 2010

Glen Johnson is a HERO!

Ok this has come a bit late as I have been busy to post.

But has any report or article point out the role that Glen Johnson played in England's round of 16 defeat?

If you recall, for the third German goal that killed off all hopes for the Three Lioness, Glen had the opportunity to make a tactical foul on Ozil or Podolski (either one of them) as the German player ran sideways past him. HE WAS NOT THE LAST MAN.

He didnt and that pass led to the Germans' third.

Guess what, later in the game, our dear Glen got a yellow card instead for some dumb foul. Then, the TV screen showed, "Misses next game". WOW!

How about that man Glen? Dumb or selfish? Both?

I don't even want to mention the name of a certain German who missed the Cup final for his team, bcos they are of a different league altogether.

Kudos to Glen!

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