Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ex-SAF FC combination seals 1-0 win @ Rajamagala

Had problems loading the game but finally caught the game 18mins in. Luckily I managed to catch the goal and i treated my neighbours to a roar of 'GOAL!!'

As I had said pre-match blog entry, we managed to bounce back and the Lions played to their ability finally. A far cry from their performance on Sat.

By HT, Lions 1 nil up through a Duric header off Shaiful's corner. Really hope they can hang on to it since we knew the Thais would come at them in hte 2H.

Passing is more decent today. The team have been doing well. Restricting the Thais who haven created much. Was hoping that the midfield can hold, after Farra got injured, but Noh Rahman gave a stellar performance in a position more suited for his attributes nowadays.

Hariss was lucky not to have been sent off in 2H due to second yellow. Defence held on well. Could have got a 2nd goal from Khairul.

Though there were a few scares, Hassan was not really troubled.

I told many people that the Lions can play football. They probably forgot how we dominated against Vietnam in last year's Suzuki Cup but lost unluckily.

Last Saturday was merely that they didnt turn up.

Yes there are a couple of players who probably are on the line, but trust Raddy to get rid of them when the time comes.

I admit the Lions are not very good, but they are not as lousy as what critics write them as.

Now for Iran on 6 Jan 2010. I think it will be realistic to aim for a draw in that game. A draw would force Iran to get a result in their last game @ Azadi against the Thais.

We generally can perform against the bigger teams. Expect to hom many men behind the ball and counter attacking.

Think its scheduled for Bishan. Surely we can packed that stadium?

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