Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nov 18 - Rajamangala Stadium

Its as well that the game tonight is not shown live, just in case the Lions cock up again.

Having it delayed probably give people a good chance to know result first before watching it.

If the Lions get a credible score, which i think they will, it will great for all to watch the game and be proud of them.

Personally, it just struck me that the past 2 clashes at Kallang with the so-called South-east asia big guns nowadays (i.e. Thailand & Vietnam - lost 0-1 in 2008 Suzuki Cup), we have lost. And on both occasions, both games were shown live on TV. Could the live telecast be a jinx? Or the Lions are mentally weak when they are on TV?

Tonight will present the Lions with a chance for redemption. First and foremost, we know that Thailand is a formidable team, this has never been in question. But to a certain extent, I do agree a comment that Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand and more or less on par in the region.

The main thing is that the Lions failed to perform and show their ability last Saturday night at home and that the Thais played brilliantly.

I am of the opinion that tonight we will see the fighting spirit of the Lions in bouncing back from adversity tonight.

In the past years, they have tend to perform when people write them off. I hope tonight they will be able to do the same.

We can take heart that the Thais did lose 1-2 in Bangkok to Vietnam in last year's Suzuki Cup 1st leg final. However superb are their techincal skills, they have shown a tendency to be mentally suspect when things don't go their way. I just hope that the Lions (esp Baihakki, can keep their concentration for 90 mins and not be rash).

Plan would probably to keep things tight at the back and cut down spaces in midfield.

The hype of Shaiful in the first leg probably went overboard. I feel that tonight's game could be where his set pieces expertise would be more relied on than the 1st leg.

The fact is that the Lions can play, in a short spell last Saturday, they did show that and troubled the Thais. So they are not as worthless as what people are saying.

So stand up & be counted Lions, show what you are really worth tonight. From Hassan to Aleks, C'mon!

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