Thursday, November 26, 2009

Raddy's quotes - taken off ST

As the Lions prepared for the Thailand double header 2 weeks ago, a ST journalist wrote an article on the gaffer and these quotes came from it.

With regards following a team:

"You don't come only if you are 100% sure if your team will win, you come and support despite whoever your team is playing. It is your team, it is part of you."

This is indeed an excellent quote :D

Raddy also noted:
"Winning a trophy in an empty stadium is not the right feeling".

About the 2nd point, probably Raddy should never need to worry. Singaporeans will never abandon their team especially if we are playing a match where a win will earn us a trophy. Correct? Haha..


  1. hahaha... "Kiasu" mentality u mean?

  2. somewhat similar to that, but applied in a different context.