Friday, November 20, 2009

Had a good time surfing through the local websites and watching SportsCentre and Eurosports yesterday. Just some thoughts I like to share:

1st issue: There are knifes ready for Ridhuan's head
Wow. I didnt know so many people are calling for him to be dropped. Seriously, if Jiayi had been fit, I wonder if Ridhuan would have played. But Raddy has all along wanted pace down the wings.

Seriously, his performances had been atrocious to say the least. A comparison with the activity down our left wing would really prove the point. But to his credit, he has been tracking back well to counter the effects of Sutee.

Then again, if Khairul can track back and yet attack a certain Suree Sukha, the fact that Rangsan is not in Suree's mould would once more question Ridhuan's attacking ability.

Basic expectations of a wide midfielder is to either deliver crosses/beat defenders (preferably both), track back and help full back. It seems he has not been able to meet the requirement in an attacking sense.

That probably explains the local fans getting sick of his performances and calling for the return of the prodigal son Ahmad Latiff ( there actually is a Facebook page petitioning for his return! well done ).

A.L.K aside, in my mind, accoring to form & performances this season, I would put reckon the Ali brothers, Jamil and Noor and even youngster Yasir Hanapi for that right midfield spot. Suppose Jamil Ali would be my first choice.

2nd issue: Found a supporter for my idea of Isa Halim at rightback on Kallang roar forum
Even if Baihakki is playing at his best, he is still not a rightback. Mat Noh is a steady, competent defender, but has lost tat bit of pace which he used ot have and I believe a defensive midfield role would suit him best.

Isa started off as a rightsided player (he played all right sided positions at Woodlands before and impressed many) but converted to a central midfield at Young Lions. But the past S-League season has seen Sivaji utilised him as a right full back for Home U.

He is probably Raddy's 4th choice CM. So why not put him at right back? Pacier and better technique than Bai & Noh, less rash than Bai, taller than Noh with defensive capabilities at least on par with the other two.

ISN'T HE THE PERFECT CHOICE FOR RIGHT FULL BACK? Actually i see a bit of Kadir Yahaya in him.. haha.

Another choice would be Jumaat Jantan, who is a real workhorse down the wings. Perhaps he is not as solid defensively but in my opinion give him time and he ll show to be a better choice than Bai & Noh.

Its time for drastic measures and I have done it. Hopefully Raddy will read my message I sent him and ponder about it.

3rd issue: Referee had stamps on his eyes, cant blame Thierry
Come on, it was straight forward, Henry should not be a labelled a cheat when simply the match officials did not pick the incident up and you could see it was unintentional, due to the bounce, more of a reflex action than a blatant attempt.

That said, Ireland may still end up on the losing side at PKs though they have Shay Given. Who dare say definitely they will win the PKs? Would it have been more disappointing to lose on PKs? That said, yes the Irish was denied a chance..

For sure , it is FIFA who cocked up the chances of Trap's men. A last minute decision to draw playoff contenders according to FIFA rankings is the real reason behind this whole mess. That should be the thing we should be focusing on guys..

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